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Conceptual Pathway

Explore the Mythic Universe-
Beginning with constellations of thought provoking paradigms, you will encounter ideas that are extensive, elaborate and enormously detailed. If you enjoy intellectual challenges, this is for you.

Explore the systems and theoretical possibilities inherent in the concepts explored upon the Conceptual Pathway. Each of the paradigms of the Theoretical Pathway, often working in conjunction with other paradigms, suggests a variety of considerations that are both stimulating and worthwhile.

Explore an Imaginal World of Dream and Myth
This vitual mind/space experience will take you to a variety of venues with purpose and character, each designed to provide an experiential approach to dealing with the people and ideas of myth.

Theoretical Pathway

Imaginal Pathway

Explore the Formational Pathways
Practical, everyday approaches to incorporating the
 insights of mythic experience into the fabric of daily existence. Discover for yourself the power of blending
myth and spirituality.

Experiential Pathway

Explore the Myths Directly.
This pathway is geared to meet the needs of all ages and tastes. Following this pathway allows you to drink deeply of the mythic waters.

Formational Pathway

Explore An Enormous Amount of Information
Classes, seminars, workshops, discussion groups and conferences provide an ample opportunity to learn and grow, to teach and be taught by those knoweledgable in the fields of myth, mythological studies, mythography and other related disciplines. Some of the material will be new and challenging, while others will be of a more traditional nature.

Transformational Pathway

Educational Pathway

Explore The Abundance of MythicTransformation Material Available .
Myth and spirituality are a powerful combination when it comes to growth and transformation. This pathway will outline a variety of ways to approach the challenges of change.

Practical Pathway

Explore Some of the Ways Myth Can Help In Your Business & Professional Life.
Understanding the functioning of myth in our world can provide a powerful professional advantage to those with such knowledge. This pathway can help you engage the principles and strategies to help harness those amazing powers

Explore The Underlying Mythic Basis of Important Modes of Religous Expression.
Uncovering the mythic roots of various religious traditions can be very helpful in understanding ones own religious tradition. This pathway provides the tools to go much deeper into religious expression that ever before possible.

Religious Pathway

Therapeutic Pathway

Explore The Path To Wholeness
While healing and recovery are outside of the boundaries of the material covered by these programs, wholeness is something that many people experience as they walk the various pathways. Learn valuable skills and exercises to enable you to celebrate the gift and mystery of creation.

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